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I am a semi-retired New York State Criminal lawyer with over 20 years of courtroom and trial experience. I've represented literally thousands of criminal defendants in all aspects of their felony and misdemeanor cases from arraignment through plea or trial.

I've been providing legal information to Criminal Law customers and others at JustAnswer since May, 2009 and have had many thousands of answers accepted as helpful to date.

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I cannot be retained by a customer.  All communication between my customers and me must take place on JustAnswer.com.

I can only provide you with legal information.  While I do my best to do so accurately, all customers are advised to consult a local attorney for specific legal advice.   

JustAnswer.com is a public website.  There is no attorney/client privilege that can be established on the site.  Customers should refrain from using personal identification details in their posts.  

If you’re ready to begin, you can post your question to my attention by returning to JustAnswer’s Criminal Law category here. You can also find me in Legal, Consumer Protection Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law, Traffic Law and Fraud Examiner.